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Redesigned modern UI blocks.

50+ redesigned and easy to customize blocks built with Tailwind css supporting light and dark mode to help you to build a modern UI faster.

Our magic right in your favorite IDE : VS Code.

Modern animated navbars, cards and buttons supporting light and dark mode. Use faster our components without leaving your html file.

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Tailus is redefining the standard of web design, with these blocks it provides an easy and efficient way for those who love beauty but may lack the time to implement it.
I can only recommend this incredible wonder.

Jonathan Yombo

Jonathan Yombo

Backend Developer
khatab wedaa

Khatab Wedaa

Creator of Meraki UI
khatab wedaa

Rodrigo Aguilar

Tailwind Awesome creator
Shekinah Tshiokufila

Shekinah Tshiokufila

Fullstack Developer

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